Wondering what we're all about?

It's pretty simple.

WE Love God

God loves us like crazy. So much that he wants to work in us and through us messed up, imperfect people. So we're all about loving him.

WE Love People

We believe it's our job to love other people like Jesus does. Which is a lot.

That's why #cfisforlovers

We want to

Impact the World

Since we love God and love people, it's also kind of our job to do what we can to share the love. 


We only have one rule, and this is it. 

We're just a bunch of normal people with normal struggles and questions and weirdnesses. We're tired of rules and empty religion: we want to experienced God's love for us, and we want to love Him back. #cfisforlovers

One Last Thing

On a "normal" Sunday morning you'll find a bunch of imperfect people straggling in from our messy, imperfect lives to spend time seeking God together, and to learn how to live our mission of loving God, loving people, and impacting the world for Christ.  We spend 60-70 minutes experiencing good music, practical teaching from the Bible, prayer, communion, and just hanging out getting to know each other.  If you want to check out some recent messages to see what we talk about on Sundays, you can find them here.

Come join the journey. We saved you a seat.

We meet every Sunday at 10:00 AM every Sunday at 2925 Victory Blvd., Portsmouth VA 23702

Can't join us in person? Come hang online

Hey thanks for checking out our website. I know a lot of this “church” stuff may sound a little creepy, but really we are not freaks (well…some of us might be). We are normal people just like everyone else with struggles, weaknesses, and questions. We are trying to pursue God together because God has pursued us through Jesus. At Christ’s Fellowship we love to have fun, but we are serious about loving God, loving people, and impacting our world for Christ. If you are debating whether or not you should come check us out ask yourself “why not?” Mix it up a little! We would love for you to come hang out with us. 

- Aaron Cross, Pastor